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Nataly Osmann

Milan is the capital of world fashion and city which is always associated with shopping and Fashion Week. But in normal times Milan is a beautiful city which lives calm and peaceful life with its unhurried Italians.


  1. Historical center Centro Storico — it is both heart and soul of the Lombardy’s capital and the main element is the famous Duomo Cathedral, of course.
  2. Brera — it is our favourite area for strolls and one of the oldest and the most bohemian for sure.
  3. Isola — elegant area of artists and vibrant nightlife.
  4. Navigli — out of time, romantic Milan which is famous for its canals, so it’s a little bit similar to Venice. The Milanese prefer it for traditional aperitivo.


  1. The symbol of the city is monumental and enchanting Duomo Cathedral. It’s a must to get up to the roof, sunset is the best time. Get a closer look at the famous Madonnina on the top of the cathedral.

2. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is not only concentration of world famous boutiques but also a magnificent architectural masterpiece. There is wonderful decorative mosaic at the centre of gallery with images of the four sides of the world, agriculture, industry, science and art.

3. The refectory of the convent Santa Maria delle Grazie. The church contains the mural of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. It is essential to buy tickets in advance.

4. Sforza Castle. The Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco, with a huge art collection, Leonardo da Vinchi’s murals, Arco della Расе - all of these left a lasting impression.

5. Villa Necchi Campiglio (Via Mozart, 14) - This is an embodiment of luxury and dolce vita. There is a desire to stay living here for ages.

7. Pinacoteca di Brerra. It is the biggest gallery which contains canvases of great Italians. All masterpieces are in chronological order in 38 rooms.

8. Parco Sempione - big city park which is in historical center of Milan. A perfect place for rest from urban fuss

9. Fondazione Prada. A unique place in Milan - it is a Contemporary art museum which is combined with a fashion boutique and an office surrounding by high-tech park.


1. Ceresio 7 (Via Ceresio, 7). There are a restaurant and two open-air swimming pools. Restaurant serving specialty cuisine, chef likes experimenting on traditional Italian cuisine.

2. La Veranda in Four Seasons Hotel Milan (Via Gesú, 6/8). Quiet and cosy place with panoramic windows facing picturesque backyard. The best Caesar with prawns in the world is here.

3. Il Salumaio (Via S. Spirito, 10; Via Gesù, 5). It’s a restaurant in an inner yard of historical palace Bagatti Valsecchi, and favourite meeting place for Italian elite.

4. Bvlgari Hotel (Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7b). It’s better to visit it fo breakfast - you can have it during 24 hours a day. Choose Il Giardino in the inner yard with wicker chairsв and cosy couches.

5. Spazio Niko Romito Milano (Mercato del Duomo). It is a restaurant with very affordable prices and breathtaking view on Duomo, which is owned by famous chef with Michelin stars Niko Romito.

6. La Risacca Blù (Via Alessandro Tadino, 13). The tastiest seafood chain in Milan. All dishes are absolutely divine.

7. God Save the Food (Piazza del Carmine, 1). Small restaurant on the Brerra Square which is loved by local intellectuals.


  1. Studio Achille Castiglioni (Piazza Castello, 27) - it’s a cross between workshop, museum, creative cluster and private company with the inspired atmosphere of creativity.
  2. Via Abramo Lincoln - it is hidden «gardens’ district» in the center of Milan
  3. Messina tram depot. Very charming place where once we made a shooting with cries of drivers of famous Milan’s trams.


  1. To rent Vespa and travel the city on the iconic Italian scooter.
  2. To have breakfast on the rooftop with Duomo view enjoying the Cathedral’s architecture and observing the morning city.
  3. To visit flea market - East Market (Via Privata Giovanni Ventura, 14), which is open on Sundays in an old building, former electronic company. To enjoy antiques and smile at expressive Italian speech.
  4. To spend the whole evening in bars in Navigli area with traditional Italian aperetivo.

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