Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg makes your heads spin. You want to call it Sir. Want to get dressed in your finest apparels and create, watch, shoot, read the city. Stand in the rain in an avenue or shiver form blasts of wind on the embankment – there is no bad weather in St Petersburg. Here, louring sky is a poetry for one’s soul
The journey to Kamchatka became one of our most reckless adventures! A country of fearless birds, volcanoes, bears tossing and turning in their sleep, and the distant seas… Where dreams echo in the hills, and the smell of salt and ashes stays forever in your hair.
Bali is a magical island, a place where spirits dictate their own laws; all that’s left to us people is to obey and carelessly enjoy the most picturesque sunsets in Indonesia. We made up a team comprised of different and talented people to showcase this island in all of its of its versatile beauty.
Milan is the capital of world fashion and city which is always associated with shopping and Fashion Week. But in normal times Milan is a beautiful city which lives calm and peaceful life with its unhurried Italians.
Murad’s homeland and the place praised by Rasul Gamzatov. Its beauty makes one fall in love forever.
The main and most touristic place in Paris that could not be unmentioned is the Eiffel Tower. It is practically impossible to get a good shot of it during the day, but if you get up at 5 am and come here, you’ll be able to catch a breathtaking sunrise right above the tower and take a tourist-free picture. Trust me, it is well worth it!
Tbilisi Guide
Tbilisi is a special city with narrow medieval streets, Italian-looking courtyards (though they are as Georgian as it gets), old balconies similar to the ones in Eastern counties. At the same time it is a fashionable city with the most interesting establishments, showrooms of local designers, who are currently in high demand, bars and active nightlife.

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